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HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING (Miracles, Signs & Wonders)

How to pray for healing and get results / Step into the miraculous (Miracles, Signs and Wonders). This video will show you how to pray for HEALING and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus in POWER.

Firstly we are talking about HEALING, and how you as a believer can step into the miraculous and demonstrate the Kingdom of God in signs and wonders.

The purpose of the miracle is a sign that Jesus is alive and that there is power in His name.

In this video you will see people healed and people respond to the gospel as the kingdom of God is not just in talk, it’s in POWER.

The context is we are on mission in PERU where we are catalysing a church and teaching you step by step how to operate in SPIRIT and in POWER. After a short intro and a clip ministering healing in the marketplace, I walk you through step by step how to pray for healing and get results.

You will see Christians praying for the first time and being amazed as God works through them as people get healed. This is for every believer as the bible says that believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

At the end of the video people respond to the gospel and give their lives to Jesus because of what they have seen or the healing experienced.

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Let’s do this.


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