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How to move from a place of FEAR to FAITH in God / Fearful in the face of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This video will show you how to get rid of fear to stand unwavering in these challenging times.

Here’s what we cover in this session:

Firstly with COVID-19, we look at why we are fearful. In the case of a virus, how do you fight something you can’t see?

Next we’ll look at where this fear comes from – an important step in understanding what drives fear. Once we’ve exposed what lurks behind fear, I’ll show you how fear is the opposite of faith, the opposite of trust.

Fear is when we worry about what we think may or may not happen.

I’ll explain how to live a life by faith in God. Once you understand who you are in Jesus Christ and what God has said about you, you’ll stand on Him as the truth and not on uncertainty.

Finally it’s time to get rid of fear. We’ll conclude how to resist fear and draw near to God, that you stand unwavering in the face of this enemy, in these challenging times.

At the end of the video for added bonus, we address the question “Is coronavirus Gods wrath being poured out on people or on the unrighteous?

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