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  • LESOTHO MISSION (9-18 Feb 2024)


  • KENYA MISSION (Jul 2024)


Have you considered going on Mission or being part of an Evangelistic Campaign to bring the

Gospel of Jesus to a Nation?  This could be your chance!!

What can you expect?

Join our missions to engage in transformative activities across 4 key areas:

  • Evangelism: where you can partake in crusades, mobile Gospel outreach and youth events

  • Church Ministry: to deliver sermons and partake in Revival Fire conferences

  • Training & Equipping: for pastoral leadership and evangelist training

  • Community Projects: supporting orphans and prisoners.

    **Important Note**: These missions are self-funded. Participants will need to raise their own funds for trip costs and assist with campaign fundraising. RF's impactful work relies on the generosity of its mission members.

Get involved in making a difference through one or all of these evangelistic opportunities.

Check out our newest video capturing the vibrant atmosphere during one of our youth events in Kenya, where during this mission over 20,500 individuals made the choice to respond to the Gospel and embrace faith in Jesus. Feel inspired to join us on the next mission and be a part of this amazing harvest for Jesus!


Our 2023 Kenya Mission



(27 Jul - 10 Aug)


Have you ever considered going on Mission or being part of an Evangelistic Campaign to bring the

love of Jesus to a Nation?  This could be your chance!!

Our July 2023 mission destination is the county of Kakamega in Kenya, Africa.

What can you expect?

Revival tent campaigns, Youth crusdaes,  Gospel truck preaching in prison & markets, 

Pastors conference, Ministering in churches & Visiting orphanage

Over 500 people responded to the gospel during our 2022 Kenya Evangelistic campaign in Ahero (Kisumu) and Malaha (Kakamega). Here's a video from one of the open air events.

Corozal Snip 3.JPG


Join the RF MISSION Team

Go on Mission to the Nations!

You can apply to join the RF Mission Team & function on

 the ground in Colombia in Oct 2022


The roles operate under Evangelist Martin van Vuuren, responsible for the Raising Foundations Evangelistic Campaigns, working in partnership with Life Nations (Evangelist Antonio Gonzales).

The Campaign duration is 11 days from 20-30 Oct 2022.



  • Team Leader: Oversee & support our Mission Teams. Responsible for Team members, timetables & ministry activities, hosting prayer/devotionals etc.

  • Mission Team Member: Join the Team & bring the gospel through large scale Evangelistic Campaigns & Pastor Conferences. Team activities may include: visiting churches, orphanages, schools etc, personal evangelism, prayer intercession, praying for the sick, and much more.

  • Team Logistics Facilitator: Manage campaign itinerary, coordinate with Lead Evangelist. Facilitate Mission Team logistics (travel, food & accommodation).

  • Media (Videographer/ Photographer): Tell the campaign story & share incredible testimonies. Capture moments, interview, edit, create & share on social media.

  • Medical Missionary: Medical professionals who can provide medical & first aid for our Mission Teams.

  • Translators/ Interpreters: Can you speak Spanish? Help provide translation & interpretation for the RF Mission team and Evangelists in Colombia

  • Financial Partners: Help fund this campaign & ongoing RF ministry activities, infrastructure & support cost

  • Fundraisers: Organise a Fundraiser or take part in a Sponsored Event to raise funds for our Evangelistic Campaigns. You can host a breakfast or afternoon tea, hold a cake sale, do a sponsored challenge, mow lawns, wash cars, skydive or run a marathon - the choice is yours.. We would love to partner with YOU! 

    Simply use our Sponsorship & Gift Aid Declaration Form for people to sponsor your event. ​

Team members will be responsible for:

  • financing the cost of their mission trip: You'll need to budget approx. £75 to £100 per day (for accommodation, standard meals & drink, transportation) plus flight costs. An international return flight from the UK is approx. £850.

  • securing all travel documents including passport, visas if necessary, travel vaccinations, travel insurance, and any personal items. Applicants who are not the head of a ministry or registered charity will also require a letter of recommendation from their church pastor or ministry leader.

Team members must be able to work alongside others in less than comfortable and fluid environments, and be able to submit to team authorities in a cooperative manner.


Help Fundraise to support this Evangelistic Campaign


We need to fundraise US$15,000 (roughly £12,000) to cover campaign costs for bibles, venues, security, permits, equipment hire (video, sound & power), local advertising, printing etc. for the different cities.

Simply use our Sponsorship & Gift Aid Declaration Form

to create your own fundraiser or sponsored event. 

Whether you choose to host an afternoon tea, skydive, mow lawns, wash cars, run a marathon - the choice is yours

We would love to partner with YOU!

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Martin Preach.JPG

Join the RF Prayer & Intercessor Team

Prayer & Intercession is the engine room of our Evangelistic activity and at the heart of everything we do: 

  • Prayer Coordinator Prayer is the engine room of our Evangelistic activity. Facilitate physical & online prayer & intercession. Create prayer devotional material 

  • Prayer & Intercessor Team Join our intercessors’ team in prayer and fasting for the Campaigns. Participate in physical & online meetings during outreach events.



YOU can be a Financial Partner, Supporter and Champion of Our Vision!


  • Sponsor an Evangelistic Campaign for people to be saved & Bibles for new believers in their own languages.

  • Help support & send our Missionaries & Evangelists to take the Gospel to the nations.

  • Make a Donation - Regular donations helps us forward plan more Evangelistic Campaigns.

All donations are gratefully received!

  • Partner your Ministry, Church or Organisation with us 

  • Include us in your email auto signature:

I’m a Raising Foundations Friend

For more information visit

  • Join us on Social Media - Like, Subscribe & Share with  your friends, family & church



Every Donation Gratefully Received!

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