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Supporting mission, revival & evangelism outreach

Send & supporting Mission, Revival & Evangelism Outreach is a core part of the RAISING FOUNDATIONS vision to mobilise a generation of Faith - sending labourers into His harvest. If YOU are considering or already on mission or want to support missionaries, why not partner with us?

Our Vision is to match opportunity, resource, need and availability to mobilise Christians for outreach, ministry and provision of aid.

Finance and opportunities are major hurdles for Christian to go on mission and outreach

To achieve this we:

  • Identify and organise missions

  • Connect with organisations, churches and individuals wanting to experience short or long-term missions

  • Build and help fund teams

  • Find and deploy resource to meet needs of people and communities

  • Bring the Gospel of Jesus to the lost and minister to the Body of Christ

  • Provide technology solutions for missions, outreach and aid

Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field" Luke 10:2

Raise and Release Finance

As a registered charity, RAISING FOUNDATIONS uses the UK Government's Gift Aid Scheme to boost donations from UK Taxpayers by up to 25%

That’s 25p Gift Aid for every £1 donated!

As an illustration, if you were going on mission and raised £1000 in the UK from your family, friends and sponsors , you would have £1000 to fund your mission. However, raising £1000 as part of the Raising Foundations Team would allow an extra £250 from the UK Government. That's £1250 available to go and spread the Gospel of Jesus.

This is an efficient way of raising funds to support ministries and projects. For accountability, where possible our Partners provide invoices which we settle with their third party providers.

"yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread" Psalm 37:25


Churches, ministries and missionaries are best placed to identify needs and assist

at grassroots level. However, often they find themselves lacking the

necessary resource, capacity or know-how.

We structure and evaluate projects to help fundraise, socialise and find volunteers. Our role is to facilitate projects to:

  • Identify relevant stakeholders

  • Define requirements and gather support

  • Evaluate options and develop solutions

  • Achieve desired outcomes and realise intended benefits


Outreach is not an event but the everyday opportunity to share the Love of Jesus - wherever WE may be! We train, support and equip the Saints for the work of ministry, demonstrating the Kingdom of God in spirit and power.

Object lessons and literature is used in school ministry, enabling children to interact with the Gospel message. You can read more here

a Missionary Story - Supporting Mission to Montpellier, France

Wesley Hines was called to the South of France and set out from the UK on 23 May 2018 to begin his adventures with God in Montpellier. Thank you for YOUR support as we blessed him and sent him out!!

Wesley partnered with RAISING FOUNDATIONS and together we organising a

Charity Sponsor Event to raise funds for this mission and provided financial support with the help of his family, friends and sponsors.

In 2018, we put together a Missions Team and joined Wesley in Montpellier for an epic 5 day adventure with God, Wesley provided grassroots level assistance and vital local knowledge and translation. You can read more about that adventure here

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