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Raising Foundations Technology Platform Development

Raising Foundations is developing an interactive technology platform to provide Christians, churches and charity organisations access to relevant and useful tools and information.

Our vision is to interactively match time, opportunity, resource and availability for Christians to be mobilised and becoming fruitful in their knowledge of Christ. The platform will be designed and developed to include some of the following key functional requirements:

  • What’s on: Search or list Christian events, conferences, courses and projects

  • I want to get involved: Discover missions, volunteering, prayer and other serving opportunities to get involved with

  • Missions: Find or organise missions, build teams and connect with organisations and others looking to go on shorter or longer term missions and sabbaticals

  • I need people to help: Find volunteers, missionaries and partners ready to help with your mission, projects and events

  • I need help with Finance: Access help to fundraise, sponsor or financially transact your projects, missions and events

  • Interactive Finder: Search for local churches, fellowships, retreats and organisations in different geographical locations

  • Edu Hub: Find relevant Christian teaching, courses and education providers for more formal training and certification

We anticipate the first phase of our application development to cost in the region of £10,000 to £15,000 which would allow some of the core features and functionality to be made available. Additional funding would be required to support and manage the application and interact with users and information providers on an ongoing basis.

Get Involved

You can Get Involved by making a donation towards the development and running cost of the platform and/ or by volunteering your time, skills and expertise to help develop, manage or administrate the platform and its content.

Join in this Vision - We can't wait to hear from you!

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