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Partner Intro - Life for The Nations

Partner Intro: Life for the Nations/ It's Partner time. In this video we're introducing one of our ministry partners - Antonio Gonzales from LIFE FOR THE NATIONS.

This ministry is based in Austin, Texas and primarily focusses on South America with outreach campaigns in Brazil, Cuba and Colombia.

Raising Foundations is supporting Life for the Nations to see their vision of 2.2 millions souls reached for Jesus in the next decade.

In this video, after a brief introduction I handover to Antonio to tell you a little about:

  • what’s happening in Cuba as they launch OPERATION LIFE LINE to provide basic necessities for pastors in need as a result of the crises;

  • plans being made as Antonio meets with pastors in Cuba to bring an evangelistic outreach campaign to a nation that needs the Hope of Jesus; and

  • I’ll share how you can get involved and be part of this work as we labour together for Jesus.

Antonio Gonzales is a member of CFAN Evangelism Alliance and you can see Antonio sharing with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on God TV his testimony of salvation and his encounter with the Love of Jesus here:


Let’s do this.


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