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10 Testimonies - India Revival Crusade

We have received amazing testimonies from the Dec 2020 Revival Crusade in Andhra Pradesh, India. Some even from members of a mob that came to destroy the meeting. In this blog we share 10 testimonies which have been translated from Telugu to English for us.

Each testimony is incredibly personal as people encounter Jesus and experience the kingdom of God in different ways. Names have been altered to protect identities.


1. Ashwin Raj

I do not know about Jesus in my life... and there is a advertisement going on in village there is a good news and also a feeding for the people who come which I decided to come and visit because of feeding only. But after feeding I came to the virtual meeting and for the first time I am seeing a white man telling something on television from far away, (America) this country name I saw in news papers and cinema. But I am happy to hear Antonio testimony and touched by his testimony, I also went to prison and came out recently. He told me the good news of Jesus which touched me and he told how God saved his son, this story touched my heart a lot. I gave my life to Jesus and on the second night I brought my wife and then was a man from UK, I am so glad that I saw two countries man in India, my wife is suffering from tuberculosis and doctors told she would die soon, as she is not able to suit for the medicines because of her immunity. But after Martin prayed for the sick and mentioned many diseases, my wife also prayed and she gave her life to Jesus, after 4 days we went for test, and there is no tuberculosis. We are excited now to have a church in our area, and we are sharing our testimony to others, as they knew my wife would die... I told them Jesus is God and He touched and healed my wife. Thank you for giving me a bible.

2. Kandi Kulkarni

I do not know about Jesus in my life. But a Pastor came to our village with lot of posters telling that a meeting is being held and feeding would be there and a good news would be there. I am suffering with severe arthritis and also I am also an addict of alcohol. I came to the virtual meeting in the transport arranged by the Pastor... But to my surprise for the first time I am hearing a man Antonio from America and our people here translating... But the testimony of Antonio touched my heart and he also is a prisoner and Jesus set him free, and the good news of Jesus within a few minutes touched me and also I am having migraine headache from 4 years and I am healed after accepting Jesus in this meeting. I am happy to hear that there would be a church in our area soon. I work in a tobacco factory and I am telling my friends when church is there, I can take them there.

3. Sarvani Melam

... I have been diagnosed with a bone disease which is the doctors said due to high calcium levels, I got this disease and there is no medicine but can only live as long as I can ... and spent lot of money and even sold my house, my land for the treatment. I am helpless and now living in a small tent and my children even left me. At this time of trouble I heard in the village there is a meeting where there is a good news and also the sick will be healed. I came to the meeting as there is also a free transport. I have no food to eat from 4 days and the good thing is before the meeting I got a free food in this premises and then I heard the good news of Jesus as Antonio is preaching on the screen. This is a very new experience as I have never witnessed such a thing that people are talking from far of country and we are getting the news here. Jesus touched me that night and I have seen a ray of light coming from sky while Antonio is preaching and he finished his testimony and message and there is a voice saying, my child you would be free. I am totally shocked to hear this voice in my ear and I accepted Jesus and came in front and gave the salvation card. Antonio called me again and prayed for sick. I am totally healed on that night. To confirm this I went to hospital for tests and they told me to wait for 3 days until the tests come. When the tests came, there is no bone deficiency and the bones are fresh. God created fresh bones inside me and after two years I am going to work. In this village people who thought I would die are looking at my fresh look. All glory belong to Jesus. If you can help me some thing to start a grocery store or a vegetable shop in my village I can live and also share my testimony to others.

4. Iddan Venkanna

I am so happy to share my testimony here as I not only accepted Jesus by hearing Antonio message and testimony but also healed of my dangerous disease which I cannot mention here... and I have no peace. But when I heard about this virtual meeting and came to this meeting I really liked the question who wants to go to hell and who wants to go to heaven and then was the good news. Antonio, this name I cannot spell, (in translation we done it right) he gave a good testimony how his son was saved in seconds and Jesus saved this boy and also I am saved because I came to this meeting and heard the good news of Jesus. I am so happy that I am set free... and now believing in living God Jesus. We are happy to hear that we will have a church, so that we can come in and learn more about God and also pray that my family is ignoring me and they also will come to Jesus.

5. Pakerla Durga

... do not know about Jesus. But I came to this meeting and this meeting is a virtual meeting and I am surprised to hear two questions, who will go to hell and who will go to heaven... But when I came to this meeting I found peace in my heart and also the message of Antonio and his testimony touched me a lot. For the first time I am hearing about living God Jesus... The short message of Antonio touched my heart and I gave my life to Jesus and also brought few of my friends to the second day and another man Martin gave a good message, and my younger sister came on the second day and she is having lump on the right hand, and Martin prayed for the lumps and my sister is surprised and after going back home, she saw on the next day the lump disappeared. She showed to many people in village as they go to work, and we are happy that we will have a church and the Pastor is telling we will gather there. We are so happy and thank you Martin and Antonio for saving us from darkness...

6. Mancha Lakshman not know Jesus in my life. I came to this virtual meeting on the second night as some of my friends came to this meeting on the first night and told me. This is entirely a new way of meeting for me and I did not understand first why the screens are there, but my friend told me Antonio will speak on the screen from America. But to my surprise, Martin is speaking from UK, as the translator told your name and on the big posters

Martin is there. His teaching on good news of Jesus touched me a lot. At last I am surprised to hear mention what disease I got since my birth, Martin announced that name, and I felt Jesus only made Martin to announce that disease (I will not mention my disease) but on the next day I am completely healed... and I am happy now to hear that a church would be there soon in our village. I am sharing my testimony to many people. We need some 30 bibles as some of my friends are asking please help us.

7. Surya Narayana

Words are not there to express my happiness. I will write my testimony in short, I heard through somebody that in this meeting many are healed in our village... and came to the meeting... I am married and have no children since long time. But for the first time I am hearing a man teaching from UK to India, this is not there anywhere in my life time. But although I heard about Jesus for first time, Martin’s easy way of telling about Jesus touched me as I am a graduate. I understand that Jesus is the living God and I gave the salvation card, but after the salvation prayer, Martin called for the people who needs healing, as I need a miracle I did not stand, but later he announced that people who needs a child, I am surprised, this is a miracle I needed in my life. I and my wife came forward and Martin’s prayer touched both of our lives. I went to many... but no use. You believe or not within 6 days Martin prayed, my wife is pregnant. This is a wonder for our village. Jesus is the real and true doctor. If I get a son I would name him as Martin. I am happy that the Pastor told us that there would be a church in our village. (Raising Foundations Church).

8. Latchiah

I am very thrilled to share my testimony... Actually I came to know about the first night meeting and came with my mob to destroy the meeting. But the team there told we have legal permission to do this meeting, so we decided to see what we can do to destroy the meeting and sat in the meeting. But Martin from UK came on the screen and while I am hearing the message of Martin, I have seen a cross on his back but I also see a light flowing in between cross and Martin, this made my mind blocking, I do not even knew that I am involved in Martin’s message and for the first time I am touched by Jesus. Martin’s message gave me salvation and hope and Pastor Joshua asked who wants to go to hell, and this is the way to go to heaven. On the next day... and I also gave my life to Jesus. I am thrilled to hear that you will come in May and I would like to hug you as you showed me a way to Jesus. People around me are surprised. Every day more than 300 people come to my house but I am requesting if you can give me 500 bibles I can share my testimony and give them to my friends. I am happy to hear that a church is going to be built soon.

9. Kailasha Murthy

I am a Paddy hall merchant and I am a big business man for more than 65 villages and I have some paddy storage halls where we store paddy after harvesting and then sell when we get a good price... But my wife is having acute arthritis and I done my best spending more than 3,00,000 Pounds (converted in Pounds as he wrote in rupees on testimony). But there is no use, but in our village belt we came to know that a virtual meeting is going on and on the second night I and my wife came to the meeting. Although there is feeding, we did not take part because we are high caste people and we do not want to sit with the poor. But Pastor Joshua welcomed us well and there are chairs to sit and we are surprised to see a separate environment... The first question they asked in meeting who wants to go to hell is truly a great question and the second question who wants to go to heaven is the best question I never imagined in my life... But Martin’s message from UK touched both of us and for the first time we heard about Jesus, and the cross on the back of Martin showed us that this is the way to heaven. After this Martin prayed and mentioned arthritis and joint pains and the other pains related to the disease my wife got and we did not come front but I and my wife felt shy because the whole village will see us and they knew us, but Jesus touched my wife as Martin prayed for her, and she told she has no pains on that night, I could not believe although I gave my life to Jesus, for four days I asked her and she said she is perfectly well, and then I went to doctor talking my wife for further tests and they said, my wife is perfectly well and the senior doctor is asking we need a case study of my wife as they did not see this cure in other patients. Then I realized that Jesus touched my wife and on the next Sunday I have seen Pastor and his team searching for a site to do a open air meeting, I gave my place to do the meeting and told them I have a damaged paddy hall, which can be useful for the church renovation and can turn into a beautiful church because I laid the foundation previously thinking to build a business office, but I want to give half the price. You can use this and also after you start the work and the church is being built I will also donate a big sound system and generator.

10.Petta Revathi

I am really glad that I presented my testimony to you. I never ever thought that I would be a child of Jesus in my life. I am a prostitute and where ever the big gatherings happen... I come there to select the man and do my business. I came to know about the meeting but could not come on the first day, but came to the next night meeting and I am thinking I can go in the middle of the meeting. But in the meeting the questions Pastor Joshua asked touched my heart, who wants to go to hell and who wants to go to heaven. But when the question was who wants to go to hell touched me because I would be the first to go to hell, and the second question is the way to heaven. This truly touched me and then I heard the message of Martin. This message is a different message I heard in my life. I am very young and the cross on the back of Martin resembled me that Jesus can still forgive me and I came forward after hearing the message of Jesus and I accepted Jesus. That is the first night I slept without a man in life, but Jesus is with me. I am happy to hear that a church would be there soon in my village. The people are surprised seeing me saved and changed. I have no work to go and trying to build some shop or a tailoring shop which can give me an income to survive. Please help me in this area, so I can live and also tell and share my testimony to the people who come to my shop.

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