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Do we miss out for ourselves and others if we do not know how to discern God’s voice - How then do you hear the voice of God, knowing we are called to walk by faith and not by sight?

A simple practical example

I prayed asking God for a location to work from for the next day and a cafe nearby came to mind. I instantly said no, dismissing this as my own thoughts but later changed my mind and spent a pleasant morning there on my laptop.

I instantly said no, dismissing this as my own thoughts

By lunchtime it got real busy so I headed next door to a coffee shop where I met a Christian couple. We got chatting, they subscribed to RAISING FOUNDATIONS News & Updates and I ended up praying for the wife’s health difficulties. They then left and I concluded this must be the reason I was here today, but then another person came in and took their table. It turned out this person was the Copy Writer & Editor at Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) UK and he then spends hours patiently helping me edit and structure our charities content and information, giving me helpful tips and really useful guidance – Amazing! A divine appointment for the skills I needed most.

What if I decided to ignore that initial small voice?

MAF UK’s 135 light aircraft serve to see 'isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name.' They use aviation and technology, because in many places those are the only ways to reach isolated people in need

When you ask Holy Spirit something, and especially when you are asking for others – trust that first word, thought, picture, impression or feeling. Dare to step out in faith and act upon what you have received. If you get it wrong, you're learning to discern what is not the voice of God, but when you get it right – you are in for an adventure with God that will surpass your expectations. Jesus is faithful!

Get in touch to share your experiences as you step out in faith.

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